The AFBJJ will endeavor to ensure the long life of Brasilian Jiu Jitsu in its natural progression.

About us

After years of training with local martial artists in Australia, the AFBJJ founder, Peter de Been was introduced to the Brasilian form of Jiu Jitsu in 1990. Peter immediately recognised it as the amazing martial art that many know it to be today. Peter continued his training in Australia where some Brasilian techniques were being used in hope to improve other arts. Each year Peter traveled to Brasil to gain understanding in the philosophy and principles of the art.

By the end of 1993 and after advice from Carlos Gracie Jr. (now World President), steps had been taken to incorporate the AFBJJ. In early 1994 the organization was officially recognised and registered as the AFBJJ Inc.

The AFBJJ Inc. was the first international body outside Brasil to govern Jiu Jitsu of the Brasilian style.

In Recent times, the martial art that is known in the western world as "Brasilian Jiu Jitsu", has rocketed to great popularity. The need for a protecting and governing body is now greater than ever.

Many martial arts clubs are now experimenting with Jiu Jitsu techniques, and without a governing body dedicated to the protection of the naturally enduring authenticity of the art, soon all could be lost!

The new millennium is sure to continue with the growth of hybrid and mixed martial arts. The AFBJJ will endeavor to ensure the long life of Jiu Jitsu in its natural progression.

Affiliates of the AFBJJ come from of a back ground of many different martial arts and as Jiu Jitsu gradually deepens within their system, they are ever more reliant on the AFBJJ as reliable benchmark of true Jiu Jitsu.

Since the inaugural Pan Pacific Jiu Jitsu Championships in 1999, each year has seen phenomenal growth in both competitors and spectators. To the current day the Pan Pacs is recognised as the World's third most important International Jiu Jitsu competition, behind the Pan American and World Championships.

Currently there are an estimated 10000 Jiu Jitsu Practitioners in Australia. This makes the change in name from Brasilian Jiu Jitsu to simply "Jiu Jitsu" more appropriate.
Most people now refer to our sport as Jiu Jitsu not to be confused with "Japanese Ju Jitsu".
It is important that we all use the name Jiu Jitsu so that one day we can be recognised as an Olympic sport!.

With the huge growth of Jiu Jitsu all around Australia, Australians more than ever are looking to the AFBJJ Inc. to govern the sport in Australia.
Slowly, the States are coming into line under the AFBJJ Inc's sponsored "State Branch" program.

Now the AFBJJ Inc. has appointed State and Territory directors in Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and Northern Territory, to represent the local needs of all those students who take comfort in being guided by the national body, AFBJJ Inc.

Now a separate directory is housed on titled "State Branches". The directory will house State History, State Sponsors, Competition details, Competition results etc for each State.
The very successful Australian Champions Cup competition was launched in Brisbane in 2005, followed by Sydney in 2006, Melbourne in 2007, Hobart in 2008, Adelaide 2009, Perth 2010, Darwin 2011. The Champions Cup brings the best of Australia's Jiu Jitsu fighters together. To compete competitors must qualify through winning a medal at either:

An AFBJJ Inc. recognised State Championship
The previous year Aus Cup
The previous year Pan Pacs.
There are "Wild Card"  entries available for those who have not qualified by application through email to the AFBJJ Inc. - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Train hard and love this wonderful sport as we do!

All the best

Peter de Been
President, AFBJJ Inc.